Personal Online Coaching

Welcome. This program is for anyone who runs or wants to get started! If you like to feel your best, get fitter and stay healthy then you’ve come to the right place. Chad is a former professional runner (ASICS) that coaches pros in Boulder, CO. He also coaches athletes personally online from any distance 800m-Ultramarathon. With Chad you are getting guidance from a true expert to maximize your potential.

With this program you will get:

  • A weekly training plan tailored to you.
  • Unlimited contact with your coach through text or call.
  • Your coach will help you adapt training during your busy life and keep you injury-free.
  • Lifting plan with guidance.
  • Preventative rehab exercise.
  • Mental coaching.


My belief is that for every athlete customization is key. I’m proud of the fact that I will never give out a cookie-cutter training plan. My training approach is very methodical and progressive so you won’t plateau or get injured. When you are focused on optimization you will get the best out of yourself while feeling great.

Personalized Coaching/Unlimited Access


6 Months- $660

12 Months- $1200

How does this work?

  1. Fill out the short form at the bottom of the page (button above ^ will take you directly there).
  2. I will contact you through text or call and send you my short intake form (this helps me learn your profile as an athlete as well as your training history to see what will work best for you for a truly customized plan).
  3. We will have an intake phone call to discuss the form to best reach your goals and formulate a plan together.

About the Coach

Chad grew up in upstate New York. He discovered his love for running in middle school and later was coached by former Virginia Tech runner, Robb Munro. With Munro’s guidance he quickly became one of the nation’s top high school runners.

Chad first ran at the University of Oregon and ran sub-4 minutes in the mile as a teenager. He went on to run at Oklahoma State University under Coach Dave Smith. With Smith, he upped his weekly mileage and improved on the grass, running the 8k cross-country in 23:45. On the track Chad was the NCAA 1500m Champion in 2015, and a 5-time All-American. Professionally, he signed with ASICS and ran the 2016 Olympic Trials 1500m. For 4 years as a pro he raced internationally in Europe as well as winning meets such as Mt. SAC Relays, Drake Grand Blue Mile and Payton Jordan.

Plagued by injuries as a pro he retired and began coaching others. He threw himself into reading every book and training philosophy that exists. Working with Kaela Edwards, an Adidas sponsored professional, she ran 1:59 in the 800m and placed 2nd at the USA Indoor Championships in their first year working together. He now coaches a professional group in Boulder including athletes sponsored by Adidas and Saucony that compete at the Diamond League level.

Chad has had the good fortune to learn from some of the best coaches in the world and experienced just about every obstacle that can arise with running. Now he wants to use his experience to guide others to their athletic goals whether that is the Olympics, running a much faster 5k, or losing your first 10 lbs and getting into good shape.


Ashley Bock

Chad is the most flexible, realistic, and patient coach I’ve worked with. Since my post collegiate running, I struggled for a year of staying consistent. Because of his patience and faith in me, despite a year of inconsistency on my part, I am now finally in a good place with running in part to Chad’s coaching ability and relationship I’ve built with him. I am also feeling healthier and stronger than I ever was when I was a collegiate athlete. As a collegiate athlete I was injured often, only being healthy to compete in 5 of my 15 seasons. With Chad’s training I have been able to train hard, see improvements, and most importantly fall back in love with the process of training again, all while staying injury free. Along with a running program, Chad has provided me with clear warm-up and cool-down drills, a lifting program, critiquing form, and pushes me to be consistent.

If you’re looking for someone to help you fall back in love with the process and to be a healthier, faster you, I highly recommend Chad as he has a wide breadth of knowledge to share and truly cares about his athletes well being.

-Mandy Camara

“I came to Chad as the most stubborn, hard headed ultrarunner ever! I was intimidated at first by his knowledge and training as well as the idea “What can a track star offer someone like me?” Still, we connected right away and I knew I was going to need REAL training if I was going to run 100 miles in just a few months. At the time, that was my only goal. The problem I had was that while I was performing well, I was also quite injured and could barely walk between events. Since having Chad as my coach, I have been injury-free and I’ve dropped my 5k time by over 10 minutes! He has taught me how to train, be graceful with myself, and think big-picture, thus reinforcing the truth that there is more in me than I believe. Endless gratitude!”

Thomas Moore

“Two of the biggest problems I’ve had with running, both as an elite high school athlete and a D1 competitor, have been overtraining or improper training. Either I would push myself too hard, or my body simply could not handle the workouts given to me. Yet even when I would train on my own, a new problem arised: I still never had the security and confidence in my workouts that I would normally have with a coach.. Then, when I would finally settle on a workout to do, I would often change it halfway through, less out of bodily issues and more out of mental doubts. Having Chad as a coach has resolved all of these dilemmas; knowing that I have a former NCAA Champion who has experience from a plethora of elite coaches and different training plans, I no longer feel doubts about my training. Better still, I don’t waste hours of time trying to find a workout anymore. If at first I was worried about paying money for a coach, I’ve come to realize that the extra time I have each day due to not writing my own workouts—as well as the confidence in the plan I am given—are certainly worth it.”

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